About us

Who we are

Beyond earbuds, we're lifestyle.

Aethon embodies the essence of gaming lifestyle accessories. Our vision at AethonWorld.com is to pioneer India's premier multi-brand gaming marketplace, dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of youth and avid gamers. Hence, we proudly embrace the motto - Keep the Game On


What's in the Name?

Aethon is a Greek word and according to Greek mythology Aethon is one the four chariots/ horses of Helios (Sun).. which pulls Sun across the sky each day.

Just like it helps the sun touch the sky.. we also hope Aethon brand to touch the sky someday.

Golden Yellow color in Aethon logo resembles the fire element which relates to Sun and a driver/ fire to keep the game on.


How and why we started?

We started with a mission to become India's first quality gaming lifestyle brand and we are now heading towards becoming India's one of the first one-stop gamers destinations.

Why Aethon?

Our core team comprises technology, operations, marketing and management experts and professionals who are always determined towards providing quality products and friendly support to everyone associated with Aethon family. We have a strong foundation team of members from technology and management background who are striving hard towards making AethonWorld.com India's first one-stop destination to cater to gamers' each and every needs and requirements and a platform for socialising with the gaming community. At the same time we are driven by a mission to make Aethon a beloved gaming lifestyle brand among Indian gaming youth and avid gamers segment.

Comfortable fit

Comfortable, secure fit for extended wear.

Sustainably enhance audio

Eco-friendly earbuds with premium sound.

Guaranteed top quality

Discover audio perfection with Aethon earbuds for unparalleled sound and boosted listening.

What keeps us motivated?

One of the things we gamers have in common is "We never give up, we fight till the end" and this is what incorporated in Aethon's core values and ethics and is one of the very reasons to keep us driven to build something for all gamers like us, we firmly belive in striving, thriving, improving, progressing and succeeding. Thus, We strongly believe in Keeping The Game On